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A new year will bring new buyers who will be interested in your home and you need to know how to sell to them. Understanding how to target certain buyers will help you get more viewings and offers for your home. It is important to consider certain tips that can help you successfully sell your home in Richmond Hill in 2018.

Market Your Home To Millennials

Millennials have grown up and are now able to buy their own homes. Statistics show that people in this age group, which ranges from the 18 to 38, make up 43% of the home buyers on the market. This makes them the largest purchasing group in the real estate market right now and this means that you need to get them to see your home.

To market your home to this group of people, you need to know what they are looking for. Smaller homes are preferred and being close to amenities while still being in the suburbs is also a drawing card. This group is also into green features so you need to highlight any of them in your home or consider renovating your home to make it more eco-friendly before you put it on the market.

Do Not Forget About The Baby Boomers

Another group of home buyers that you should look at targeting is the baby boomer generation which consists of those who are approximately in their mid-50s to early-70s. If you want to get these people interested in your home, you should make sure that your home is renovated with a classic feel. Most baby boomers have already been through renovations of their own, and want to settle into a home where they will not have to worry about such things. You should also consider how your home will be accessible regardless of the age of the new owners.

Consider Getting A Pre-Inspection Before Selling

A lot of modern buyers are looking at turnkey homes which are ready for them to move into and do not have any potential problems. To offer this to potential buyers, you should look at getting a pre-inspection before you sell. This pre-inspection will ease some of the concerns that buyers might have about the condition of your home and reassure them that it is in good shape. Of course, it is important to note that having this inspection does not mean that the buyer will not want to have their own inspection done.

The Richmond Hill real estate market is booming right now, and you need a real estate agent with experience specifically in Richmond Hill. A real estate agent is able to look at your home and offer advice on how best to sell it and what you need to do to get it on the market and sold for the price you want. In such a booming market there will be a lot of people from many generations knocking on your door when you have an open house. Make sure that your home is ready for them so that you can make the most off of your investment.