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Whether you’re prepared to sell soon or just looking for ways to add worth over time, there are plenty of things you can do to boost your home value. Best of all, many improvement projects don’t have to cost excessive time or money. In fact, some of the most costly projects can actually end up damaging your appeal! It’s best to stick to the simple “dos” and avoid the expensive “don’ts” so you can squeeze out maximum profit for minimum effort.

Do: Boost Your Curb Appeal

Cliché as it sounds, first impressions make all the difference when a buyer comes along. Just trimming up the grass and trees and keeping the walkways swept is enough to make your home seem fresh and tended to.

Don’t: Go Crazy With Decorations

Those cute little knick-knacks may seem charming to you, but buyers want to project their own tastes onto a property; that’s a little hard to do when there is too much personal clutter. Keep it simple both outside and inside.

Do: Let The Light Shine In

Natural light is especially appealing, so be sure to clean up the windows, fix any broken panes, and pull back the curtains. When it comes to light fixtures, use bright bulbs in small spaces to make them feel more open and softer wattage bulbs in large rooms so they feel more cozy.

Don’t: Choose Extravagant Fixtures

Much in the way too many bits of kitsch can damage impressions, too-unique light fixtures can sour the mood of a room. Instead, go for clean and uncomplicated lighting that doesn’t distract from the room as a whole.

Do: Update The Paint

New paint instantly makes your home feel renewed and modern. Consider giving every room a new paint job, but especially focus on rooms that have cracked, peeling, or otherwise damaged covering. Don’t forget to refresh the outside walls too!

Don’t: Pick Horrendous Hues

One of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to selling a home is assuming the buyer will be fine with repainting themselves. It may seem boring, but more neutral tones actually help buyers envision what they want to do with a space.

Do: Invest In Maintenance

Big bathroom and kitchen remodels often pay off enormously, but that doesn’t mean you should eschew regular care of the fixtures you do have. In fact, even if you can’t afford major overhauls, just keeping your plumbing and appliances in good order can instill confidence in home shoppers.

Don’t: Do It Yourself If You Don’t Know How

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn; Many hardware shops offer DIY lessons and books on everything from tile setting to plumbing. However for more complicated repairs, like fixing mold problems or electrical wiring, it’s safer to ask a professional. In fact, unless you are confident in what you’re doing, you could end up doing more costly damage!

Follow these tips and tricks and you’re sure to find much more success when it comes time to sell your home!